Our Vision

Partnering with God and His people in the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Mission Statement

The vision of Global Ministry, as an extension of our church’s vision, is to strategically partner with people and agencies committed to cross cultural boundaries in order to make and develop healthy disciples of Jesus, and to develop and strengthen the church around the world. We have historically sought to invest ourselves in those ministries which focus on unreached peoples, plant churches, and develop indigenous leaders.

What Drives Us

We believe as a church that Global Ministry is an integral, necessary part of the life of the local church, not merely an isolated aspect of ministry. The Global Team desires to involve people in intercession, sending, and being sent, believing that every member of the body of Christ has a part to play in the church’s mission to the world. We seek to inspire the members of First Free to find their place in the worldwide mission of Christ’s church.

The Church has been given the mandate to make disciples of all peoples (Matthew 28:18-20). As disciples, we make disciples. This is our missional life lived out in response to the call of Jesus.

Christ died for the ungodly (Romans 5:6). The love of God teaches us that the Church needs to move out with love to touch and change lives. This is a holistic approach, involving meeting spiritual, social, and material needs.

This is an extension of Jesus (Mark 1:41) as he reached across cultural barriers to bring His grace and truth into peoples’ lives.

The foundation of all attempts to reach out with the love of God (Ephesians 6:18), and through the ministry of the Holy Spirit, the power in all cross-cultural service.

We are pro-actively involved in supporting our Partners in ways which will further their ministries, from prayer, to networking, to financial support, to ministry trips. (Galatians 6:10)

All our resources come from God, and we want to make good use of what He has entrusted to us (Matthew 10:8). This includes our time, our talents, and our finances.

White Cross

White Cross is a group of dedicated women who meet on the third Thursday of each month to support the work of Tandala Hospital in the People’s Republic of Congo, a health facility operated by the Evangelical Free Church through its missions arm, Reach Global. The women sew layettes, bandages, boys’ shorts and girls’ dresses for needs of the people who come to the hospital.

If you would like to be involved in White Cross, please contact the church office.


First Free Church works with our International Partners to offer short-term cross-cultural ministry teams.

Our Global Teams are a natural extension of the Bible’s view that all Christians should be active in reaching the world with the Good News of Jesus Christ.

Our trips are designed to allow hands-on ministry in another culture, support the work of our International Partners, provide opportunities for learning and personal spiritual development, and to see God work in your life as you step out in faith.

The process for a short-term trip begins 6-9 months before you leave the U.S. Each trip is a team, and ministry functions on a team basis, where all members have an important place.

The team prepares for the trip through regular in-depth training and team building. Seasoned leaders guide the team through its entire experience.

Where do I get a passport?
Passport applications can be downloaded from the US Departmrnt of State. The passport form must be presented and signed in person at an authorized passport acceptance facility. The closest post offices which receive passports are in McKeesport (main post office) and in Irwin. Birth certificates, photo ID, and 2 passport photos are required with applications. We cover details at our first team meeting.

Will I need any immunizations?
It depends on the trip destination. For trips to Europe or in the U.S., we don’t need immunizations, as well as to Peru. In Asia or Haiti, we need some. For the most up to date information on what is needed for a particular area, call the Allegheny County Health Department (412-578-8062), or visit the CDC web site. We cover details at our first team meeting.

How do I pay for the trip?
Each Global Adventure Team member is expected to raise prayer and financial support for the trip. We work to raise the entire amount as a team. The Global Ministries budget will cover some costs as a support to the team. Each team raises the majority of its approved budget. The amount we raise covers everything that the team is approved to do while on trip (see next question for details). We cover details of support raising at our first team meeting.

What does the support cover?
The support covers the team’s travel costs, food, lodging, visas, ministry expenses, local ground transportation, and travel health insurance. Team members are responsible for passports, immunizations, personal needs and souvenirs.

Is there any personal liability?
Each participant will be required to sign a Waiver Form that releases First Free Church and its leadership and our Partners from liability.

What will the accommodations be like?
Accommodations will range from staying in people’s homes, housing in churches, in guest houses, to (occasionally) the comfort of your own bed in hotels. Flexibility will be key for all participants.

What about insurance?
Part of our support covers health insurance for being overseas. Although there are limited medical benefits, the main purpose for this insurance is for emergency medical care, evacuation expense, or for emergency reunion expense for a family member.

Are their any age restrictions?
Most trips have a minimum age of 18. We are developing trips for families which will have no age restriction, as well as teen cross-cultural trips.

What about training?
Applications are due and training will begin 4 months prior to departure. All Global Adventure Trips offer cross-cultural, spiritual, and logistical training and team building. There is a minimum of 4 sessions before your trip begins, as well as daily meetings while on the field. Once home, there will be a debriefing session/picture party. All participants must agree to attend all team meetings and do all preparation work.